Citizens for Change Foundation is an independent and objective think tank for bringing about change in society, comprising leading policymakers, intellectuals, academicians and civil society leaders.

Citizens for Change Foundation

Our Centres of Excellence

Constitutional, Legal and Political Studies

To spread awareness among people about the ideals of the Constitution of India and the Rule of Law and inculcate in them National pride and values.
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Women Empowerment and Gender Studies

To study, generate ideas for socio-economic and political empowerment of women. To promote awareness in society regarding issues such as
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Security and Strategic Studies

To promote integrity and security of the Nation. To generate an understanding of the changing notions of security through training and research.
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Youth Education and Empowerment

To empower youth, in order to harness their potential and reap the demographic dividend. To study the problems, opportunities and accessibility
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To encourage rigorous interdisciplinary research in and to take up issues relating to Climate Change, Global Warming, Biodiversity Conservation
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Media and Media Studies

To build an informed vibrant active network of writers and media professionals across the country, to inform, stimulate, inspire and encourage them.
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Information Technology

To study and generate ideas for existing and futuristic information technology. To develop state of the art ICT tools.
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Best Practices

To collate Best Practices of India and abroad. To promote models of good governance which can be replicated. To evolve benchmarks for inclusive governance and efficiency in public institutions Read More....


To bring about systemic change and to inspire innovative ideas for building a stronger, self-reliant, secure and prosperous India taking its right place in the world as a global power.


To empower citizens and to provide inclusive platforms to carry their voices and ideas to national and international fora, shaping local and global debates, making inclusive development a reality.